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2022 March Metalhead Cassette Box

Metalhead Box

Contents of March 2022 cassette Metalhead Box

I just received the cassette edition of the Metalhead Box for March 2022. For the most part I’m thrilled with the content, but I’ve watched a few unboxing videos with people who have received the CD edition and I’m a little disappointed. Those boxes included one of two different DVDs on Black Metal. I’m unsure if my box was missing the DVD or if the people over at the Metalhead Box think that people who order the cassette edition don’t own DVD players. Just because I want music on a cassette, don’t mean I only want to watch VHS tapes. Oh well, here’s what came in the Metalhead Box for March 2022.

  • T-shirt from the Finish Doom Metal band Solothus.
  • A Cliff Burton patch that says “Cliff ‘Em All”.
  • An enamel pin of the cover of the To Mega Therion album from Celtic Frost.
  • The Enthroned Rites of the Northern Fullmoon box set.
    • Prophecies of Pagan Fire Cassette
    • Towards the Skullthrone of Satan Cassette
    • Pin and Sticker