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Album Review: ENTHRONED Prophecies of Pagan Fire

Enthroned, Black Metal, Melodic Black Metal, Symphonic Black Metal, 1995 Releases, Belgium

Enthroned, Prophecies of Pagan Fire album cover.

Prophecies of Pagan Fire is Enthroned first full-length album. With an intro track filled with ominous tones and sounds of the damned wailing in the background Enthroned sets the stage for a sinister descent into hell. However, this trip isn’t without its bumps along the way.

Throughout the album there are a number of unexpected transitions of tempo within each song. This isn’t unpleasant as it gives Enthroned the chance to borrow from other extreme music genres. With elements of Thrash Metal on Under the Holocaust and Doom Metal on Scared by Darkwinds, Enthroned is able to demonstrate their versatility as artists. However, on a few tracks the melodies become repetive such is the case with Deny the Holy Book of Lies. All things considered the song structure was enjoyable despite these flaws.

The one glaring issue I have with the album is the muted sounds of both the guitar and drums. I don’t know if this a result of the Lo-fi aesthetic of this era of Black Metal or not. But in 2022 this type of production just doesn’t hold up to the current crop of Black Metal albums released.

For me, Enthroned’s Prophecies of Pagan Fire is average. There wasn’t anything that stood out as terrible and for the most part I enjoyed listening to the album in its entirety.


⭐⭐⭐ - 3 out of 5 Stars