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The Death of Trevor Strnad

The Black Dahlia Murder

Trevor Strand, The Black Dahlia Murder

Like the rest of the metal community, I’m shocked and saddened by the death of Trevor Strand on May 11, 2022. Trevor was the lead singer and one of the founding member of one of my favorite metal bands The Black Dahlia Murder. It was Trevor and The Black Dahlia Murder that introduced me to the more extreme side of metal with their 2020 album Verminous and I will be eternally grateful. I fell in love with Trevor’s vocals on the album and sought out more of the band’s albums. He was my gateway into Extreme metal.

Less than a year ago I saw The Black Dahlia Murder live on their “Up From the Sewer” tour when they stopped in Salt Lake City. It was a memorable night for my son and I, that I will remember forever. With Trevor’s passing it even more bittersweet knowing that the band will never be the same. In a strange turn of events, we were able to secure spots in the front row for the entire show. It was sublime to be able to experience the band live and sing along to all of the songs. It was truely an incredible night.

Moving forward I don’t know what the band is going to do. Will they continue on with a new vocalist or will the break up? Personally I don’t think you can replace Trevor on vocals, so I hope they break up and head their separate ways. If that were to happen, I wouldn’t be broken-hearted at all, I’d be happy they would be able to leave behind a legacy that Trevor would be proud of. Rest in peace Trevor.